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Basic Information about Holt, MI

Population: 24,289 (2016)

Holt is located in Ingham County, unincorporated community in Delhi Charter Township. The median income is roughly $60,000 and the median home value is around $151,000. 28% of homes are owned, 72% of homes are rented and the median property rent is $853. 

Holt Education

Schools that are located in Holt, MI:

According to, Holt Education Foundation,"The Holt Education Foundation, founded in 1993, is a non-profit organization that partners with Holt Public Schools to sponsor innovative and enhanced teaching and learning projects in our classrooms through competitive mini-grants. To date, over $396,000 in grants have been awarded!  In addition, the Education Foundation awards the Margaret Livensparger Scholarship annually to a high school senior who has exhibited exceptional talent in the performing arts."

In addition, more than 12% have obtained their high school diplomas, with 34% graduating from college, and 12% completing a post graduate degree program.

Entertainment in Holt, MI

  1. Rocky's Roadhouse- Food & Spirits, 2470 S Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 694-2698
  2. Champions Sports Bar & Grill- Bars & Club (Night Life), 2440 Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 694-7660
  3. Darb's Crystal Bar- Food & Spirits, 4279 Holt Rd, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 694-9716
  4. Charlie's Bar & Grill- Food & Spirits, 1957 Cedar Road, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 694-2100
  5. Buddies Grill- Food & Spirits, 2040 N Aurelius Rd #13, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 699-3670
  6. Delhi Bike & Skate Park- Outdoor Activities, 1784 N Aurelius Rd, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 694-1549
  7. Edru Skate- Family Activities, 1891 N Cedar St, Holt, MI 48842 (517) 699-2001

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