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Population: 1,247 (2016)

Basic Information About Dimondale, MI

Dimondale is apart of Windsor Township in Eaton County, Michigan. Dimondale is a combination of historic and future. A small town established in 1848 keeping it's identity. but developing towards the future. The majority of the community is made up of married couples, with a median age of 38. Dimondale is a very quit community, but not far from larger cities.The median income is roughly $71,250 and the median home value is around $143,900. These numbers are provided to show the cost of living. About 18% of the Eaton Rapids population owns their home, 82% rent, and the median property rent is $688.


Schools that are located in Dimondale, MI:

          330 Walnut St, (517) 694-6411

Dimondale Elementary is the only school that's located in the village. The elementary only serves grades KG-4. The Dimondale community residents with children are aligned to attend Holt, MI public schools.


What to do in Dimondale, MI?

As far as entertainment, there's not much in Dimondale. However, they're a few places to visit:

*Burchfield Park

*Moist Towelette Museum

*Lions Park

*Danford Island Park

*Fox Park Public Observatory

What you can find in small towns is good food! A family favorite is pizza and Main Street Pizza in Dimondale, MI is phenomenal! Mike's Village Restaurant serves classic American meals and provides a cozy atmosphere. If you're looking for more entertainment or classy restaurants Dimondale, MI is only 15 minutes away from multiple destinations.

Buying or selling a house in Dimondale, MI?

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